Q29 H4 EAD - H1b Extension + H4 + H4 EAD concurrent filling

I’m filling H4 & H4-EAD(renewal) for my wife with my H1B in premium extension(concurrent filing). Since, my current/existing I-797 is valid till May 2020 and i am filing H1B+H4+H4EAD concurrently, I wanted to know what should be entered for Q 29 on I-765 form? Also, is it advisable to add some information in PART 6 - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section of the form regarding this?

If someone has gone through the same process , I would appreciate your input.

Question 29: ©(26) Eligibility Category. If you entered the eligibility category ©(26) in Item Number 27., provide the receipt number of your H-1B spouse’s most recent Form I-797
Notice for Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant

Hi @karthikd

You can write either of these

  1. Write “Filed concurrently” OR
  2. Write current approved H1B receipt number (approved till May 2020) OR
  3. Leave it blank

All 3 options have been tried and tested and they all work.

thank you so much for the quick response.

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Hi ,

My H1B extension is coming up and i am applying H4 and H4EAD together , While filling up the forms for H4EAD i have a question .

  1. Q29 Eligibilty criteria : Should i fill up the receipt number or should i leave it blank or should i fill CONCURRENT . as the current I797 receipt is only valid until August 2020.


Hi @Arunbharanir

Please read this answer: