Process for attestation of general power of attorney document in Australia

Hallo friends,

I am a permanent resident visa holder living in Adelaide, Australia with a valid Indian passport.

My father is planning to sell an inherited property in India. In order to formalize the sale, he has sent a general power of attorney document to me. I understand that I need to have 2 witnesses signature along with mine on the document. However, I need to understand the process of getting this document attested at the Indian Consulate. Following are my queries:

After taking print out of the document (5 pages), and getting the witnesses to sign, do I need to have the document attested first by a Notary or JP or both?

If yes, what are the necessary additional documents I need to showcase to the Notary or JP or both to secure the sign & seal?

What is the cost involved to secure Notary or JP or both sign & seal?

Do need to get the apostille stamp from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) before submitting them to VFS centre for attestation?

If yes, what is the process and where can I get this done? Also, need to know what will be the cost involved.

After this process, please guide me to the right application form that needs to be filled and the process for submission at VFS Global along with the General PoA

What is the cost for application submission at VFS?

How long will it take for the document to be attested?

Is there a provision to have the document sent directly from the Indian Consulate to India or will the document be returned to me in order for me to sent it to India?

Thank you.