Process after Visa Grant

Hey Anil,

Happy to share the news with you, WE GOT THE GRANT :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support and guidance at each step so far.

My question is what are the next steps, I mean

  1. Can we plan to reach there any day of the week
  2. What all documents do we need to carry (exactly what we submitted on documents portal, tons of print outs which we did)
  3. Are we going to get any guidelines from DHA ?



You just need your passport and the PR grant letter. No need for other document print outs.

You can visit any day and just enter the ‘resident’ queue at Australia Immigration counter.

They will scan your passport and that’s it. You are welcomed to Australia.

Your passport is your PR. Everything is connected to your passport.
So, just don’t forget it at home :).


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Hope you are already done with the process, whats ur plan when are you moving.

Also I can enter from any city right ? doesnt matter whatever we have mentioned in our PR application.

PS: ours is 189 (NOT state sponsored)

You can enter from anywhere in Australia. It does not matter.

People with 190 PR can also enter from any state and validate their PR.

The only condition for 190 PR holders is to stay in that state for at-least 2 years.

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