Priority date port info based on H1B receipt info

Hi Anil,

I had a I140 earlier from prev employer and it was revoked prior to 180 days of its approval. I had Beneficiary number there(Axxxxxxxxx).

New Employer filed and approved I140 but did not share anything with me.

New Employer applied h1b extn and have a receipt number, I see the same Beneficiary number (Axxxxxxxxx) on the extn receipt number.

Does this mean that: My prev I140 priority date is ported ?


I don’t think the beneficiary number changes with new i140 filing.

Did you use the previous i140 number while filing the H1b extension this time?

Nope, Used the new employers I140 and can see the receipt number contains same Beneficiary number.
Question is: Did they port my priority date ?


I cannot say for sure if they ported your date or not. You should know it.