Previous Project Amendment Approved after my Current Project Extn+Amendment Approved

Hi Anil,

My Current working Project “A” Amendment + Extension has received approval Notice Until I94- 01/10/2021 (Received Date: 08/06/2019 - Notice Date: 01/14/2020)

After one week, My Previous Project “B” Amendment has received approval Notice Until I94- 01/09/2020 (Received Date: 03/11/2019 Notice Date: 01/22/2020 )

Could you please let me know what will be effective i94 date now. I am working on Project “A” which has Validity period 01/10/2021.
Is previous project “B” Amendment will override my Current Extension + Amendment of different location/project?

Yes, the new i94 will override your earlier i94.

The safest option is to get a new i94 based on your current project’s approval.

I also suggest to talk to your attorney to plan on how to do this.

Some attorney’s suggest that you can still use the old i94 but others are not comfortable with it.
So, it is important that you talk to them to find the best option for your case.

My personal suggestion is to get a new i94.

Thank you Anil for reply.

  1. How to get new i94 .
  2. My Company said as below by speaking with Immigration Counsel.

It has been noted that the period of employment in Employee’s recent amendment approval has ended (12/31/2019) so, no longer valid. Given this instance, he does not have to travel outside in order to be able to continue to work using his subsequent H-1B amendment and extension approval that is currently valid.

Can you please have a look. Is there suggestion correctly framed?

As i said earlier, the response varies by each attorney.

Your attorney is fine and hence you should be good.

Thanks Anil for quick response.