Pregnant, EOI submitted and invitation pending for 189 - 190 visa


We have applied for 189 Visa. Starting Oct, 2018 our points will be increasing based on work experience from 70 to 75 and with current trend expecting the invitation soon.

As per my understanding, we need to submit all the docs including medical certificate within 60 days.

As X-ray is usually not recommended during pregnancy and per blogs people say that let CO know about the situation and they will defer your application till the time baby is born and you are good for medicals.

We are expecting baby in Feb, 2019, in that case, suppose we submit medicals in March/ April 2019, will the CO continue reviewing our application considering we are already thru the EOI or will we need to apply again. What if that time invitations reach the maximum limit or somehow the cutoff goes to 75+.

PS: There is no change in employment since the evaluation was done (Aug, 2018) till now, therefore assuming we don’t have to go through the ACS evaluation again.

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Hi @Vik

X Ray for Pregnancy In Australia Medical

When you fill up your application and then generate HAP ID for medicals, there is a question specifically to ask “If you are pregnant”.

You will answer yes to it and then the medical reports required for you will be modified accordingly.

As a matter of fact, you can get your medical done right away if you expect the invitation soon.

That way, you will know what all tests they require and if you are comfortable dong them now, you can get them done.

Each medical report and the tests required are different based on what you answer on the medical questionnaire.

Medical report is valid for 12 months.

CO can only approve your case if all the documents including medicals are completed. If any document is missing or incomplete, they will give you time to submit them.
If you do not submit it within the time specified by CO, your application might be rejected and then you will have to re-file EOI to enter the PR queue.

Medical Questions asked before generating HAP ID and referral letter

Check the questions asked here:

Let me know if you need more information.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the response, I have below related questions:

  1. we are currently in US and I hope whatever you have mentioned under heading
    X Ray for Pregnancy In Australia Medical
    is applicable to us also.
  2. We are already in 5th month of pregnancy so assuming doing medicals (x-ray) is not recommended, so as per other blogs my understanding is CO will defer our case(After we will inform to him/ her)
  3. Creating and filling/ uploading docs on Immi --> I am not sure about the sequence of steps I need to do after invitation or when we are waiting for invitation. Is there any link or ur post where the steps are mentioned.
    Expecting something like :
    step 1: ACS
    step 2: English
    step 3: EOI
    step 4: Immi account creation/ uploading documents (when waiting for invite or after receiving invite)

Your help and guidance is much much appreciated

Medical information for people in US for Australia

Yes, the information is same for people in US too.

CO will defer the case if pregnant

Yes, CO might defer the case.

Steps while waiting for Australia invitation

ACS and English exam have to be done before filing EOI. So, I assume you have already done it.

Next step is to collect documents that you would need once you get invitation. Here is the list:

Let me know if you need more information.

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