PR Invitation chances to work permit people who currently stay in Australia

Hi All,

Due to the ongoing unprecedented time, many immigrants are leaving Australia and travelling to their home countries. I heard that as of now nearly 3lack immigrants already returned to their home lands, 2.5 lacks are expected to leave and hence the total Australia immigrants may fall below 2M from 2.46M.

In addition to all these, Australia closed the borders to not to allow anybody other than it’s residents.

So, what i am thinking is that the work permit people who remained in Australia will have more chances of getting invitations. Please share your viewpoints too here.


Hi @Anil_Gupta,

Any stats on this?

I don’t have any stats on it.

Thanks for the resoponse @Anil_Gupta.
May i know the chance of getting state(NSW) Invitation with 90 points - including state points? BTW, occupation code is 261111.

NSW experience: Jan2019 - Present.