Power of Attorney request from Washington DC

I would like give POA, below are my questions

I have few questions with regard to POA process.

  • I would like to give POA to my father-in-law (my wife’s father). Please confirm if this is allowed.

  • I have downloaded the miscellaneous form from the below link.


I don’t see a page or section to get the notarization or signatures for 2 persons as per the instructions.

Can you please let me know if I can have their signatures anywhere on the form (1st page where I have to place my photo)?

  • Is this the only form I need to fill and take it to consulate along with the needed documents (like passport, address proof etc)??

  • My purpose is to give authority to my uncle to sell the plot registered on my name.

  • Also I don’t see the section or area to enter the details of my father-in-law (basically a person whom I am going to give POA). Where should I enter their information?

Misc Services form

The form link that you have shared is the misc services application form only. It is not the POA.

You have to write POA yourself on a separate piece of paper. Indian embassy will not do it for you.
This application form is only for paying fees to Indian embassy for attestation of your documents.

Here is the complete process:

Witness signatures

The witness requirement is for Indian government’s registrar office in India. If you do not get 2 witness signature in USA, registrar office will ask to get 2 witness in India.

It is your choice what you want to do.

Thanks Anil.

Can you please share the sample POA matter form to sell a land?

I don’t have the exact sample. It is up-to you to write whatever you want.

This is the sample POA that you can start with and add your own clauses: