Power of Attorney for closing gold loan and bank locker in India?


My query is regarding POA that is to be given to my father, to close a gold loan that is in my name and also to close a bank locker which is shared by me and my husband.

Do you know the process?

Yes, attestation of POA by Indian embassy process is same for all types of POA and documents.

You can follow the step by step process here:

Hi @Anil_Gupta
I read your article. Its awesome. I have a question on POA. I have done a POA on my father’s name for IDBI Bank (format) for applying a home loan and purchase a property in India.

Now , we want to go to Andhra Bank to avail the loan . Do I need to get a new POA for andhra bank with their format or is there any way we can use the same POA for the second bank ?

If you have NOT written anything specific to IDBI bank in the POA, it can be used with any bank.