Power of Attorney for Bank Loan attestation in India from Melbourne Australia

Hi Anil ,

Swathi here from Melbourne . Am applying for POA for Bank Home Loan purpose , I have below queries :

  1. Shall I and witness can sign POA offline ?
  2. JP {Justice of Peace} attestation is enough before going to VPF ? or It has to be notarized ?


  1. You and witness should sign in front of notary.

  2. In Australia, you need to first get PoA apostiled (“APOSTILED” by Australian government), and then attested by Indian high commission.
    I have not heard of JP’s attestation work for legal purpose in India. So, you should better go for Notary.
    Ask you bank if ONLY notary is okay.
    For registration of property, you will definitely need Apostile and Indian high commission attestation of PoA .

VFS Global provides services for Attestation with Indian High Commission in Australia:
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So, it is your choice if you just want notary or not.
Attestation process in Australia is same as in USA: