PoA Attestation in Atlanta by mail - Should executant and witness sign on last page?

Hello Anil.
I have a doubts regarding PoA. We are sending it by post to Atlanta consulate.
Could you please help me in clarifying.

  1. My question is tat along with witness even the executant also should sign the PoA in the last page. M I right?

  2. Also the PoA draft from our lawyer from India has the space for signature of the person whom we are giving power to.
    is tat column required? I think this is not required as cannot get them here to sign the form. Or is it needed?

  3. We have 4 pages of documents, and one executant so prices would be 4120=80+3 or 1120=20+3 ???

  4. Also how to get prepaid return label

  5. How to get cashier check or money order?

Thanks in advance

Do witness and executant sign on PoA on last page?

Yes, all have to sign on last page.

Does PoA holder in India need to sign before attestation by Embassy?

That person can sign when he/she receives this PoA in India.

Price of attestation is per page or per PoA?

The price is per page of attestation.
If you want sign and stamp only on last page, then pay only for 1 page. Else, pay for all pages.

I recommend to get sign and stamp on all pages.
Also, if the atlanta-ind-embassy (Atlanta embassy) will charge only for 1, they will return the rest of the money orders. Each embassy has their rule to charge.
So, I would advice to create 4 different money orders so that if they only charge for one, the rest can be returned to you.

Where to get return Shipping Label and Envelope?

Prepaid return label can bought from any courier service like USPS, UPS or Fedex. They all sell it. You can even go to their website, buy and print the label.

They all give the free envelopes too that you can pick up from any of their stores.

Where to get money order or Cashier Check?

Walmart sells money orders in their stores. Almost all grocery chains sell money orders too.

Cashier check can be made from your bank account. Visit the branch and get it. They will charge approx. $5 per cashier check.
Money order in Walmart is cheapest. They will take less than a dollar as fees.