Place of birth should match exactly with old passport - Has comma and brackets

Hi, I was filling out the application and it said the place of birth should match exactly with old passport.

My old passport has place of birth as Kolar, Karnataka but the ckgs form does not allow comma so I entered it as Kolar only.

What do you suggest I do now? I have already paid the fees and submitted the application.

As per one other user’s experience, their application was rejected by CKGS for not writing the place name matching their passport.

In their case, the place was Chennai [Taminadu].
After rejection, they filled the place name as
Chennai Tamilnadu i.e. without special characters and then the application was processed and passport was issued.

You can find it somewhere in comments below or directly here at this link:

So, i would suggest to re-do the application for your case.