Place of birth mismatch in Passport vs Birth certificate on Indian passport in USA - Issue in Green card process?

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

I have Indian passport( renewed in USA 2016) where place of birth shown only district(Nellore - same as on previous passport) where as in birth certificate its shown as actual city name.

Now I am planning to apply for I 485 so the question is will this is be a problem during Green card process? If any one had similar situation and approved their I485 without any issues, would like to know so that will try to apply I485 as it is.

On the there hand, I am also trying to explore options on how to update correct city name in passport . Here is summery found on CKGS.

Visit the Embassy / Consulate in person between 10 AM to 12.30 PM and seek approval before submitting the physical application to CKGS.
Embassy/Consulate will annotate “CKGS to accept the application”.
Applicant should carry the following documents at the time of visiting the EOI/Consulate.
Original Passport
Entire application form duly filled and signed
Old/ Cancelled passports ( if any)
Revised Date of Birth / Place of Birth certificate
Document submitted to the substantiate applicant’s date of birth / Place of birth on his / her previous application.

Couple of questions on highlighted pointed above

  1. Is it not possible to update it over mail ? is CKGS visit mandatory for change of place of birth ?
  2. I didn’t submit any documentation of place of birth previously when I first got passport(except SSC marks memo). Do you know what document should we show as proof for previous application?

Appreciate the response if any one has through this process?


Hi Kumar,

We are also having exactly the same issue as yours. Could you kindly update if and how you resolved this problem?


I am planning to go ahead as it is right now .

Thanks a lot for your reply. All the best with your application!

Did you apply, and get your passport renewed?

@vidyakumar I also have same exact problem with my birth city name mismatch with passport and birth certificate. How did you fix the problem. Appreciate your response

@Megha_M Please answer if you have any information. Thanks