Perm Status Check - Received no update


My PERM was filed in Aug 2019, I see in the website that DOL is processing the cases from Sept 2019, I have no update, Am I in trouble or how long would it take based on the current processing time? Or there is possibility for DOL to process the cases prior to the Date posted?

Please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @dinesh12

Do you have your PERM case number? If yes, you can check of it has been approved on the site.

Check with your employer if they have received any audit request or not.

I do have it, there is no Status that I can see in the Website,

As per the latest update from Employer there is no update on the Case, Is this a common scenario where the site displays later Date than what is being processed at the moment? Thank you for responding immediately.

This is normal. Not all cases get approved at same time.