PERM status check online after filed by employer

My PERM was filed on June 12th 2018, I didnt get any update. Its been more than 90 days. Is there a way to track . I tried permchecker and no luck

There is no way that you can check the status of your PERM application.

Only your employer can do it.

You can only guess the timing based on the publicly available PERM processing time:

As per current timeline, you should be getting approval anytime now unless it has been selected for Audit.

Thank you Anil. Actually i will be completing my 6 years by Dec31st 2018 . so i am little worried

I can understand the concern.

At this time, DOL is processing PERM cases filed on or before July 2018.
Your is June 12, 2018. So, my guess is that you can get approval anytime now.

Are you sure June 12, 2018 is PERM filing date or PERM prevailing wage filing date?

PERM Audit - Employer fired American Citizen

So finally today I got audit saying that why you need this guy why you dont need citizen as my employer fired one in 6 months back

any idea how many day will take to clear the audit

PERM Audit - Employer fired Citizen - Response

ohh that’s a serious audit query. Your employer’s attorney will have to respond carefully.

PERM Audit Processing Time

PERM Audit cases are taking about 6+ months to get cleared.
The link i shared above tracks the PERM Audit processing time too.

ok Thank you. Any idea how many day will it take