PERM selected for DOL Supervised Recruitment

I have a Perm pending for approval. My priority date is Oct 23, 2018, and was sent to audit in December.
My company submitted many other PERMs and some of them were selected for Supervised Recruitment
Can you tell me what to expect as for how much longer this could take, and also, if this is normal and what is the outcome statistically (approvals/denials)
Although my particular case wasn’t sent to SR, in what way this situation might affect my case.
All the PERMs were for the same position, in 3 states
Thank you

Do not worry if your case was not selected for supervised recruitment.

As per my opinion, DOL has doubts on your employer’s recruitment process and hence, they have selected them for supervised recruitment.

The standard PERM Audit processing time can be tracked here:

Thanks so much for replying!

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I have an update. Received an RFI from DOL with easy questions: how did I find out about the job, how will I pay for relocation (I’m in my home country), where I’m moving from.
What do you think this means?

This just means that DOL wants to verify if you and your employer are following the US immigration law.

Talk to your employer before answering those questions as the answers will decided if your PERM is approved or not.

Thanks! I gave the answers to my employer and an attorney redacted an affidavit to respond

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