PERM role, duties different than H1B Extension duties

hi Anil,

My PERM (EB2) is approved with below information-

  1. Occupation Title (under Section F. Prevailing Wage Information) = Computer System Analyst (15-1121)
  2. Job Title (under section H. Job Opportunity Information)= Technical Architect

Question -
My current role in H1B is Computer Programmer (15-1131)
so for future H1B Extensions, do I need to file role as Computer System Analyst OR Technical Architect OR Computer Programmer

PERM Duties and Job title can be different than H1B

PERM application is for future job i.e. as and when your country’s Green card priority date gets current and you file for i485 (adjustment of status).

Till that time, you can have different H1B job title and duties for H1B extension than your PERM job duties.

It depends on your employer on what they want to file your H1B extension with. Either current H1B duties or PERM duties will work for H1B extension.