PERM pending and H1B 6 year completing

(Anonymous) #1

Hi Anil,
I will complete my 6yrs of H1B on Mar 2020 and i have current H1B till Aug 2019. So

  1. If i submit my extension for 6 months , is there any high chance of rejection ? And
  2. My PERM is been submitted on DEC 2018 , when can i expect my PERM approval.
  3. If my PERM is approved, Do i need to do I140 processing in premium if i submit my extension next month.

Thank you !

(Anil Gupta) #2

H1B extention for 6 months in H1B 6th year

There is no issue in filing 6 months H1B extensions you’re fine.

PERM processing time

You can expect your PERM approval by April 2019 second week.

i140 in premium if need to file H1B extention immediately

If you only want to file 6 month H1B extention, then i140 can be filed in regular.

If you want to file H1B for 3 years, then i140 approval is needed and you should file i140 in premium.