PERM: one month away from start of 6th year - Help


I will be starting my 6th year on July 01, 2021. My current employer after making me wait almost 6 months said that they can’t file PERM and it’s on permanent hold. I spoke with my client and they agreed to take me in with a different employer.

I spoke with a new employer and they are ready to initiate PERM process immediately (PWD from scratch). I will have to apply for H1 transfer (will be done in premium). Considering all these, what are some estimated timelines that I can expect? Considering no vacations or recapture days available.

H1 Transfer might be filed on July 01, 2021.

Please suggest for

  1. PWD Request
  2. Placing ads and recruiting
  3. Filing ETA Form 9089

Should the above process be started only after H1 Transfer is approved?

GC process can be started independent of H1B however it depends on your employer. Mostly employer wants you to start working for them before they start your GC process.