PCC from US when moved back to India

I’ve stayed in 5 states in the US and now moved back to India. For Canada PR, do I need to get PCC from all the 5 states or only one standard PCC?

Also, generally how long does it take from India?

Thank you in advance for your help as always!

Hi @arjunreddy

It depends on when and how long you have stayed in a US state in past 12 months.

You would need state PCC if you stayed in a state in last 12 months. Otherwise, FBI clearance is sufficient.

Thanks Anil. You’ve been really helpful.

Last I stayed in Virginia for almost 2 years that means I need PCC for that state along with FBI Clearance. Do you have any idea/leads how to get PCC from Virginia?

Thanks again!

Look for state PCC on local DMV site. Most of them have similar process as FBI like fingerprints.