Paying online i94 renewal $6 fee - Mention old passport number or new?

While playing online ($6) fee. Do I need to mention old passport number or new?

Hi @mradul
You have to mention Old passport number.

Thanks a lot for the prompt response Anil. Do you have Mexico border crossing steps also listed somewhere?

We don’t have the detailed steps for San Diego border on this form, but we have the same border crossing and re-entering steps with pictures for Laredo, TX US mexico border.

The experience is same at San Diego border too.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the information. I got the i94 updated In PedWest facility. I first went to East facility via Pedestrian bridge and the officer told me to goto PedWest. But I cannot see my departure record in website and only arrival record is present

Is that fine to only have arrival record

That’s fine. You got the paper i94 with new validity?

That’s the only thing that you need.

Yes…I got Paper I94 with new validity …But departure record is not shown online

That’s fine. No need to worry.

Hi Anil,

Along with my i94 , my wife and kids i94 is also getting expired. Fees is requried for all of us or just for me.

Please help. I am going to San Diego this Wednesday.

Appreaciate your help and support.


Also when i am trying for fees, system is not taking my new passport # but i am to proceed with my Old passport number.

Please help.

@Anil_Gupta - At Port of Entry, my I94 was given till old passport expiration date of Nov4th 2018. So, my I94 expired soon.
Can I get my I94 renewed at this location. I have a valid H1B stamping and new passport. Please advice​.

CBP i94 fees online - Use OLD passport number

Old passport number is fine as that’s the one CBP currently has in their system.

CBP verifies your existing i94 before letting you move forward.

i94 fees

i94 fees is per person and has to be paid separately for each person online or in-person at border.

i94 extension at San Diego

Yes, you can get your i94 renewed according to your most recent H1B approval (i797).

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@Anil_Gupta I am on L1B visa with validity till May 2020 and i94 till oct 2018 and will be travelling next week for getting a new I94. I will be taking old passport with visa, new passport, stamped i129 and fee. Please let me know if I need to take anything else.

Hi @Ankit
Your document list looks good.
The complete list is also mentioned in first post above. Please verify it with that list too.

Hi Anil, Is it required to surrender this Paper I94 while departure? or shall I always keep it affixed to my passport