Paycheck overlap between employer change

Hi Anil,

I have moved from Employer A to Employer B. Actual start date with Employer B was on 03/11/2019 and I have requested them to post pone start date to 3/18/2019 and they agreed for it. My last date with Employer A was on 03/15/2019. Employer B H1B extension was approved on 03/15/2019 .

Today I got paycheck from Employer B for the period beginning 03/01/2019 to 03/15/2019. But my actual start date with employer B is today which is 03/18/2019. Is it OK to have 2 overlap paychecks from 2 employers?


I don’t understand how your Employer B is paying you for the time that you did not work for them between 3/1 to 3/11.

Anyways, small overlapping is fine and no issue.


I am currently working with company A and got a full time offer with company B .

My joining date with company B will be on 23 rd however my last working day with Company A is on 24th .

My visa transfer with company B is completed.

I have an approval date with Company A till December 2021

So i am getting 2 days of overlapping , does this a problem when i apply for GC ?