Past out of status and current green card application

Hi there!

I was laid off back in December of 2015 during the last week. After that, I started applying for jobs went for interviews but nothing seemed to help, so I left the US exactly 60 days after.

When I was home I managed to get a job and reentered the US with a visa approved via consular processing. The 60 days grace period wasn’t a thing back then, I guess this came into existence in 2017 (lucky me :frowning: ).

My employer is currently in the process of filing for my I140 application since my H1B expires next year. I haven’t gone out of the US to get a new visa stamp (I am on extension, now), I feared rejection so I haven’t left yet. My question is does the earlier out of status time cause any problem with my I140 and futuristic green card application? Have you seen any cases like these before?
FYI, My I94 was valid throughout the 60-days out of status time.
I appreciate all your comments and suggestions. TY :slight_smile:

They do look at all past ‘out of status’ time but it is okay as long as you have a genuine reason to stay back.

My opinion is that you should be okay.

Anil thank you very much. I am hopeful and wish that the future process remains unhindered. Have a great day!