Passport validity for US H1B visa stamping - 6 months or 1 year?

(Anonymous) #1

Hi Anil,

H1B petition valid

My petition got approved with validity until July 2020.

Employer asking to renew passport as only 10 months left

My employer is asking to submit passport scan copy with at least 1 year validity for Visa stamping.

But, my passport is valid until October 2019(10 months from now). For Visa stamping, passport should have at least 1 year validity?

(Anil Gupta) #2

Passport Validity - only 6 months required

The official rule is that passport should be valid for at-least 6 months at the time of visa application stamping request.
See this: Apply for a U.S. Visa | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - India (English)

1 year is probably a conservative rule set up by your employer.