Passport’s outer cover is unglued from book - is it considered damaged?

I am on H1B visa in USA, and plan to travel to India this year for stamping of my new visa on the passport.

My current passport’s outer cover is unglued from the book.

Will my passport be called “Damaged”? Am I good to have re-stamping done on this passport?


Shall I renew the Indian passport in USA before flying to India and get the new one stamped?

In the latter case, will I need fill DS160 application with the new passport details, or can I complete DS160 form with my existing passport details, let passport renewal continue in the background, and carry both passports to the embassy the day of my visa interview?

I will really appreciate your kind response to my query. Many thanks!!

Hi @guddupra

As per your description, the passport seems to be damaged.
You should get the passport renewed before filling DS160 application.

You should also use the new passport details in DS160.