Passport returned with a request for an Interview

I attended my Interview for H1B in March/received 221g and after the verification, with the client, I was requested to submit the passport a day before the lockdown happened.

My passport was in the consulate office since then and received it today but with another 221g sheet requesting me for another interview after the regular operation of the consulate offices resume.

I am literally on a crunch situation since I have only 5 months before my I-797 expiry and really clueless on how things would take its course.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me for the second round interview?

And how long this would take to process my case after the interview?

Will be exempted from the H1B ban since I am returning to the employer?

You should be able to travel to the US once you get the visa approved.

@Anil_Gupta My H4 dependents also asked to appear for interview through “walk-in” after chennai consulate resumes regular operation. I understand once this proclamation ends at Dec 31st they will announce whether they will open the embassy for walk-in/other visa activities. Can you shed some light if any of the members in this community able to make it for walk in successfully during this proclamation restriction. Thanks!