Passport renewal with pending H4 extension



Hi anil, I just want to know about my chance of passport renewal … I am on h4 visa , which got expired on July-2018. Our visa is in extension now…My passport gonna be expired on November 30. We have submitted my passport and required documents on oct 5… Till now it says under processing… now my question is do I have chance to get my passport renewed in this situation? Or should I move to India?Did anyone faced this situation?

(Anil Gupta) #2

Hi @Baru

Don’t worry, your passport will be renewed with no issues.
It is normal process and there is no need to move to India.

It happens with hundreds of people everyday as they file for extension.

The normal processing time for passport renewal is 4-6 weeks. So, just wait and you will get it soon.


Thank you Anil … you made my day …