Passport Renewal Under processing with Houston consulate for 4 months

Hi Anil,
I applied through CKGS Houston back in Feb and it was since then kept under 'Under processing with consulate ’ stage.

I tried to reach CKGS, CGI but no one is helping me to get the renewal.
Every one says, it will take time and be patient.

Its been 4 months, is there a escalation matrix to expedite my renewal?

Any help from you is greatly appreciated.

This is taking unusually longer for your case. The max i have heard recently with Houston Embassy is 6 weeks waiting time.
I do not think there is any escalation path available with CKGS.

What is CKGS exactly saying about the longer timeline for your case?
What address did you opt for printing on your passport?
It is possible that Indian passport office has not responded back for your Police clearance yet to embassy.

Anil, I got my old passport in Bangalore in 2009 when i am doing my employment. I moved to Hyderabad in Yr 2010 and moved to US in year 2014 and continuing in here.

When i applied my passport, i didn’t make any changes in the address, hence didnt submit any address proofs of India. As per CKGS, i need to provide the address proofs for my US address which i did.

CKGS saying, it is pending with Consulate General and they have no further update.

Consulate General is saying, pending with RPO Bangalore and they cant reach further.

I am in complete dilemma to whom to contact further. Any solution from you greatly appreciated.

Further, any professional consulting firms which you can advice to deal similar cases?
Greatly appreciate your help.

I anticipated that your application is probably pending with Indian Passport office and Police verification there.

Does anyone live at the Indian address that you currently have in your passport?
I mean someone who knows you is staying at that address?

The Indian Bangalore RPO is probably not able to verify your address and hence is taking longer than usual.

Unfortunately, there is no way to connect to RPO Bangalore directly. The only way is to wait for Indian Embassy or CGKS response.

Thanks again for the reply, i used to stay in a paying guest accommodation (hostel).

Old address is my old hostel address, now no one i know in that hostel.
What if police verification could not able to provide any further progress?

Will they return my passport?

Any idea of professional consulting firm to deal similar cases?

Well, you should have really opted for printing US address on your passport if your current Indian address is a hostel address. The Indian address should be a valid address always where someone can vouch for you in case any police verification is done.

Most probably, your police verification from Indian passport office will come as negative and Indian embassy will just return your application with no renewal.
It depends on what Indian passport office and RPO Bangalore send back to Indian Embassy.

Once it is returned to you, you can re-apply with option of printing US address on your passport and you should be good to go.
In that application, you would need to provide Indian address too, but that can be any of your relative or parent’s address.

I do not know of any professional firm who can help you with this scenario.