Passport renewal & sworn affidavit for my child new passport


Hello Anil,

My passport is going to expire in October 2019, i want to renew it now in CKGS. I have gone through your step by step procedure thank you for detailed explanation.

my question is i want to apply fresh passport for my 2 month old kid , my wife & kid is in India.

i came to know both parents required for fresh minor passport issue in India or else need to provide Sworn affidavit from Indian embassy/consulate abroad officials, so can i submit both the request at a time or can i renew my passport first & after receiving my passport once again apply for sworn affidavit.

Please suggest

Thank you

(Anil Gupta) #2

You will have to renew your passport first as passport renewal process is done by third party company CKGS.

When you need the affidavit, you will apply directly with Indian embassy using your original passport.


Thank you for your quick reply