Passport renewal of minor - how to get affidavit it notarize


I am submitting passport renewal application of my 10 year old son(minor)'s passport.

CKGS says that affidavit for “change in appearance & signature” is to be signed by my applicant. However our Notary in California is telling that he can not notarize a document signed by minor. He is suggesting that a parent can sign the affidavit along-with minor and then he can notarize the document.

Has anyone on this forum has gone through the same situation? Would appreciate any feedback.


Signing by both child and parent is the right way. If your child cannot sign just ask him to write his name. Then you sign and get it notarized. no issues.

Thanks Anil,
CKGS is suggesting child to sign inside signature box, and parent to sign outside the box. Notary is suggesting both to sign inside the box.
In your opinion, does it make any difference for passport authority if parent sign inside our outside the box?

Go to UPS store and they have an option to notarize, please make sure that you go with all the document that you have for that minor. I did the same for my kid and he wrote his name inside the box and I filled the other document and did a notary on both, my kid was with me with all the document at the time of Notary.

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I agree with @stanwar
Its better to change the notary.

Thanks Anil and Sam for your guidance.
My notary signed the affidavit with my signature (as parent) outside the box.

This is what CKGS advised me to do, hope it will work out fine.

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