Passport Renewal in Progess -i94 about to expire

Hello Friends,

I have submitted my passport for Renewal and it is still under process in the Indian embassy and my i94 is getting expired in 12 days from now.I hold valid H1B Visa till 2020.What should I do ? .

That’s a tricky situation. You should have planned for it earlier knowing that it takes about 4-6 weeks for passport renewal or have used tatkal service.

Anyways, you have no option but to keep waiting for new passport even if i94 expires.
Once you get your new passport, go to any US border and get the i94 renewed using approved H1B i797.

Hello Anil,

Thanks for ur Reply.Hope the i94 expiry will not cause much of an issue.

i94 expiry is certainly an issue as you are immediately out of status after i94 expiry date.

But, since you do not have a valid passport, you cannot even leave country at this time.

Legally, in US, you are not allowed to stay past your i94 expiry unless your petition is pending with USCIS.

Your only choice now is to let the ‘out of status’ time added to your name until new passport is received.

Once you get your passport, I would suggest to immediately visit any US border and get the new i94.