Passport renewal clarifications on L1 visa & Indian address query

(Anupam Singh) #1

Hi - I am on L1 visa and want to renew the Indian passport expiration due in June 19.

Q1. Is I-797 needed for renewal on L1 status? Or do I also need to submit I-129 as well?
Q2. My current passport was issued in India and I have no preference for having or removing Indian address on the renewed passport. I do not have the Indian address proof now and therefore, I don’t intend to add or change Indian address. How should I go about it?


(Anil Gupta) #2
  1. I797 is sufficient. No need for I-129.

  2. The best and hassle free option is to get US address printed on your passport.

(Anupam Singh) #3

Thank you Anil.

#2. So just provide US address proof and get done. No need to provide any India docs?

(Anil Gupta) #4

No Indian address proof docs are required if you opt for US address printing.