Passport renewal Chicago Under tatkal

I recently got my GC ( USC Spouse). I am trying to renew my passport under tatkal.
because I have an emergency travel to India(Grandmother is serious) Will my application be accepted under tatkal as my information(including spouse name) is necessary to add as per the website.

I am planning to walk-in on Monday as I read that Chicago center doesnt need any appointment for Walk-in, is that correct ?


Hi @raj1

Addition of spouse name in passport is NOT mandatory

Which website are you referring to for adding spouse name in passport?
It is NOT mandatory to add spouse name. Its your choice.

Chicago Tatkal Passport service

The passport application has to be handled by CKGS. You need to visit CKGS office in Chicago to submit your documents for renewal and there is no appointment required. You can walk-in.

Also, before visiting CKGS office, you have to start your passport tatkal application online on CKGS website.

thanks @Anil_Gupta for quick reply!

I guess i got confused with US national vs US Citizen

In this case it is mandatory to add your spouse name in your Passport

Does the online application needs some kind of acceptance before walk-in ?
Reason i have not submitted the form yet- My GC is still to be delivered.
I do have i-551 stamp on my passport.

CKGS online application is a long application and it needs to be submitted before you walk-in.

You need all supporting documents and pay the fees online too before you go.

Complete step by step process to fill online CKGS application is available here:

perfect! Thanks a lot @Anil_Gupta !!

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Hi @Anil_Gupta

I completed all the forms CKGS and passport application form. I do have all the documents from the checklist.
quesiton - For tatkal process in Chicago there is no approval process before the Walk-in, right ?
Just carrying all the documents including reason for tatkal for walk-in ?
I do see other Consulates needing approval email. Just wanted to make sure as I have urgency and need this completed before last week of November.

You have really helped me in completing the application online. I really appreciate all your help!


Yes, you are right. For Chicago, online CKGS guide only talks about direct walk in with Tatkal application.

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Posting my summary for passport renewal in Tatkal process in Chicago, can be useful for others

  1. Please complete the application under tatkal on CKGS website.
    refer to Renew Indian passport in USA with CKGS by post - AM22 Tech for all the info
    The mode of submission will be walk-in (mandatory for Chicago passport office)

  2. After completion/payment of CKGS application the website will automatically redirect to NRI Applicants website (Make sure everything is exactly the same as CKGS else application will be rejected)

  3. Additional document for Tatkal – Reason for emergency ? (Proof)

  4. When you submit your application in CKGS office, they will direct you to Indian Consulate. You need to provide tatkal documents at CKGS and Indian Consulate. At Consulate, Upon proving your emergency, you will need to submit the enclosed envelope (signed by consulate, confirming you are approved under tatkal) to CKGS(in person).

  5. From the day of submission it takes 5 days to complete the process but It was completed in 2 days for me and I received passport on 3rd day.
    At CKGS everyone is very helpful, but if you are from out of town and in emergency to complete your passport renewal, Fill out the form before hand(Correctly). Heads up - The most time consuming process will be waiting at Consulate to get approval for Tatkal.

All credits to @Anil_Gupta for putting together documentation/Helping me and others.

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