Passport lost by mail service while sending documents to Indian Consulate of NY

Hi Anil,
Help… Help…Help…

My passport has been misplaced by mail services while i was sending my documents to Indian Consulate of NY for attestation.

Duplicate passport in Tatkal service?

I now have to apply for duplicate passport and I want to opt for Tatkal service.

However, Its mentioned on the site that this service is not available for lost passport.

Can I still opt for Tatkal as I don’t fall under the definition of emergency situation but i need to have my passport asap for some other personal reason?

Processing time difference if I deliver documents in person

Second question is that does processing time gets reduced if i submit my documents in person in NYC as I live bit far so would like to go and submit in person only if i can get my duplicate passport in 2 weeks

Please assist

Lost passport Tatkal Service for Duplicate passport

You can apply for Tatkal service and see if Indian embassy approves it based on your situation. Once they approve, CKGS will have no objection.

Duplicate passport processing time

The only benefit in processing time will be the time taken by mail service to deliver your package to CKGS.
Either you do it personally or let mail man do it.

After the documents reach CKGS, they take their normal processing time.


Thank you Anil for guidance and extremely quick response.
This may not be the right forum but its connected with may main concern. The reason I need passport asap as I will be able to file for H4 EAD post mid October.

  1. Since server is down in consulate of India NY , I am not able create an application in CKGS site as it doesn’t even allow to create it.(don’t know the reason and don’t know how long it will last). The only option available is to file for Tatkal. Would they approve in such case?

  2. Worst case, if i don’t get my passport by mid-oct , can i still apply for H4 EAD with my stolen passport details, i do have the photocopy of 1st and last page.

Please advise as have not been able to find a solution to fix problem asap.

Thank you so much for your advice and giving direction

NY Embassy server issues

Server issues will resolve in a day or two. That should not be an issue.
I cannot guess if Embassy will approve Tatkal service or not based on your case.

It looks like it should as you have lost your passport.
Have you filed a police report for lost passport?

Apply H4 EAD with Lost passport details?

You can technically file for H4 EAD with copies of your passport, if you still have them. But, it is risky.

I would still suggest to get the duplicate passport and then file H4 EAD to be on safer side.

Thank you so much Anil for your response. I was really struggling for guidance. I will raise it embassy. Hope that allow me to raise a tatkal service.
I am still waiting for email confirmation from USPS to file a police report.
Lots of good wishes.

You are welcome. Let me know if you need more information.