Parents U.S Citizenship - wait outside US for longer than 6 months in COVID?


My parents are on greencard and have continuously lived in the United States as a green card holder for last five years.

We applied for their U.S. citizenship last year and they got their finger prints done in November 2019.

In February, 2020 they went to their home country. While they were in home country, we received an interview call from USCIS for them, but then due to COVID-19, USCIS closed its offices and haven’t heard back anything from USCIS.

While my parents are stuck and they are not taking any risk to travel to U.S.

We are facing a dilemma whether we should bring them in and get their citizenship done or should we wait for this pandemic to get over?

We concerned that if they would stay longer than six months that would jeopardize their citizenship. What would you suggest in this case?

If we let them stay in home country longer than 6 months, would they still be able to get the citizenship done or do they have to wait for another 5 years for the citizenship?

You have to take the decision based on your situation.

COVID-19 is a critical situation for aged people.

You have to decide if US citizenship is more valuable than the life and death situation.

On personal front, i suggest to wait.

Legally, your parents should be able to get a waiver as COVID-19 is a special situation. USCIS has intimated that they will consider special situations based on each specific case.

Thanks Anil! I really appreciate it.