Parent's name on my passport switched - is any issue with H1B?


My old passport (which has valid H1B and other visas) has my father’s name at the back as Doe John (Last Name First Name format). I recently got my passport renewed at Indian Consulate Chicago through CKGS and realized that his name at the back is interchanged to John Doe (First Name Last Name format), which is his legal name as per his passport records/ US visitor Visa etc.

Would this format interchange in his name (even though interchanged name is the correct version) create problems while I travel, specifically at CBP since I still have a valid H1B on the old passport?

Thanks for this great platform to clarify all questions.

Hi @Ashwini_Naidu

I don’t see any issue with H1B visa or your entry to US.

Thanks Anil. I was concerned because I thought other than old visa they may also verify other info on old cancelled passport