Paper or electronic police report from Netherlands for Australia 189 visa

Hi Anil,

I have received an invitation to apply for 189 visa and I have a query regarding PCC for Switzerland.
Query: Switzerland is providing PCC in two formats 1. Paper format (delivered by Post) and 2. Digitally signed electronic document(PDF) and also below is mentioned in their site

" Important: The digitally signed electronic excerpt is only valid and verifiable in electronic form.

That’s why the excerpt must be transmitted in electronic form to an employer or to an authority in electronic form so it can be verified by the receiver.

The excerpt will not be delivered on paper a second time!

Please note that digitally signed electronic excerpts are not invariably accepted. Check with the requesting person or authority first."

Could you please help me in opting for correct format.

Thank you,

Congratulations on receiving invite.

Can you share your ANZSCO job code and the points with which you received this invite? It will help others visiting the forum.

Opt for paper Police report from Switzerland

Opt for the paper format and get it delivered to you by mail.
Scan and upload it on your Australia immiaccount.

Thanks Anil
ANZSCO job code: 261313 (Software Engineer)
Points: 70
Date of effect: 13th Feb 2018
Date of Invite: 11th Nov 2018

Could you please guide me in the following things

  1. Currently I am based in India and need to get a PCC from Switzerland not from Netherlands, should I opt for a paper format through post or digital PDF via email ?
  2. Where can I get the invitation PDF letter as one of the required document for PCC India is “Documentary proof of applying for Residential Status, Employment (Copy of Employment contract) or Long term visa or for immigration.” or is the invitation email which I received is sufficient?
  3. To get PCC from India for my spouse as dependent I need this required document " Sponsorship declaration by the person who is sponsoring the emigration of the PCC applicant.", could you please share a sample sponsorship declaration ?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for sharing your details.

Switzerland PCC paper copy or PDF

Ohh ya…it’s Switzerland…I confused it with one other user who asked for Netherlands.

As per your text above, it seems the PDF copy would be password secured which is NOT acceptable for uploading.
So, you would be better with paper copy.
If PDF copy is not password protected, then you can use it to upload on Australia immiaccount.

Indian PCC - supporting documents

Not sure where you looked at for supporting documents. As per my information, you only need your passport, aadhar (if available) and current address proof.

See this from Indian passport website:

The same is required for spouse PCC. No extra documents are required.

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Hi Anil,

Indian PSK are started asking Sponsorship declaration by the person who is sponsoring the emigration of the PCC applicant for spouse PCC.

Official Notificaation:

Request you please share templates if any