Overlap employement for 2-3 days okay on H1b

Hi Anil
I am currently working with Employer A and got offered from Employer 2, H1B approved just need to move from Employer A to Employer A to B.
Employer B initially was okay for starting little late but because of Christmas holidays they are asking to join a week before.
but employer A, I want to give atleast 2 weeks of notice, if I give 2 week notice it will overlap for 2-3 days
Employer B has specific dates for orientation for new hire which is must so can’t adjust at employer B.
so checking if it is okay to for 2-3 days overlap.
I can manage the work

Legally you can only work for one employer at a time unless the other employer filed concurrent employment petition which is not the case with you. So if you work for both employer at the same time, you will violate the H1B rules.