Opt ead card approved and then status changed to RFE

Something strange about my OPT EAD
Case received- 3/18
OPT approved - 8/1
RFE issued - 9/12
RFE response - 9/20

It’s 24 days since response to RFE was received and still no card. Is it normal to issue RFE after approval? It’s well over 15 days for premium filling and still no card, any course for worry?

Hi @Famtimo

Have you received any RFE document?

I received the RFE and responded 9/20

Would you be able to share what was asked in RFE? It would be great if you can share more details in first question itself to help answer in a better way.

It consumes too much time to ask follow up questions.

RFE seeks to confirm attendance of my academic program. Transcript, Course syllabi, Letter from DSO and registrar, evidence of fees payments etc.
I got help from ISO to provide the documents on time.
Status tracker was updated “Response to RFE received”. When I followed up, they mentioned case is with an officer and active.

That’s the brief

ok…it seems that Case approved was probably a wrong status update if you never received the OPT EAD card.

But, in one of the known case, we do not know that an H1B was moved back to RFE even after the H1B approval was mailed.

So, anything can happen with USCIS.

Thanks for the insight it’s still strange. Thinking about 130 days before approval, and then 40 days after approval to receive RFE.
To be clear, I did receive an approval notice. Also, somewhere in between status changed to “new card being produced”. Anything is really possible.
Do you know if the H1B instance you cited was eventually approved?

The result is given on the link that I shared.

H1B was finally approved with ‘consular processing’ instead of ‘extension of status’ as was approved in first place. Attorney had to follow up with USCIS to get the approval though.

Thanks for the insight…I get it now. Just that in this case, they did not give any reason for retracting the approval.
Hoping to get a feedback of RFE soon. It’s a frustrating wait.