Only SOC Code change in LCA eligible for extension in premium at Nebraska?

Hi I have a Valid H1b and planning to apply for extension in this month. My employer changed the SOC Code in LCA compared to previous one (15-1121 to 15-1132), Other than that no change. am i still eligible for Premium extension at Nebraska.

No, you are not eligible for extension.

SOC code change is considered a ‘change’ in H1B application.

Thanks for the quick response.if i ask my employer to keep the same code and they can increase the wage level to avoid the speciality occupation RFE, does it help me for the premium processing.

Specialty occupation RFE

Specialty occupation RFE is based on Job Requirements and not wages.

For wage level, USCIS can issue another RFE and ask for justification to pay Wage level 1 or 2 for that specialty occupation.

Both types of RFEs are connected to each other but are separate.