ON CPT - H1B lottery application with Consular processing - What are the risks?

Hello All,

Can you suggest me if applying H1 in consular processing is appropriate for me? based on the below factors that i have been in

  1. I am on F1 visa since 2015
  2. I have transferred out of 4 Universities with out graduating once, I have been transferring out credits and getting into different schools because of the ongoing issues with colleges as they were getting black listed.
  3. I got my first CPT (Part time CPT for 4 months in 2016) and my next CPT in 2017 (Full time CPT) and since then I have been continuoulsy working on CPT since 2017 and i have never applied or obtained my OPT
  4. I have applied for H1 last year in 2018 (for Fiscal Year 2019) in masters quota and it was denied as it was applied in masters quota

Now my employer is suggesting to apply H1 consular processing. Is that recommended and what are the consequences that i will be going to face?

  1. Can i work on CPT while my petition is still under processing?
  2. How many odds do i have for my approval in consular processing, assuming it gets picked
  3. Do i have to leave the country (USA) immediately and go back to home country for stamping?
  4. Can i work in the mean time after my H1b is approved or do i have to leave the country immediately for stamping?

Please provide me answers and any recommendations and suggestions are highly appreciated.


You can keep working on CPT as long as it is valid.

Chances of H1B approval are same irrespective of whether your file as ‘Change of status’ or ’ Consular Processing’.

Once your H1B is approved with ‘Consular processing’, you can go out of USA to get H1B stamped as per your choice.

Thank you Anil!!
I still have few doubts, Why do people choose to go with consular processing? what are the benefits?

As you mentioned, “you can go out of USA to get H1B stamped as per your choice.”
Can i go anywhere for stamping? or it has to be only my home country? and how soon should i leave for stamping and is it the same process for stamping as the regular processing, I mean the type of treatment and questions i get.