NSW invitation time for 261112 System Analyst with 70 points

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I have submitted my NSW190 EOI on Nov. 16 with 70+5 (State Nomination) points. My occupation is 261112 System Analyst. English is equivalent to to band 8.
May I ask

  1. What is the rough invitation time for NSW 261112?
  2. The process time for 190 Visa grant?
  3. My second child is expected in Jun of 2019. Will if affect my visa application?

Thanks a million.

NSW nomination with 70+5 points

Sorry to say but chances are low for NSW nomination and invitation with 70 points.

Processing time for 190 visa

Processing time is about 4-8 months after you submit your visa application.

Child birth

Your child needs to be added to visa application and child needs his own visa.
Child cannot travel with you if you have not applied for his PR after birth.

Thanks Anil for your valuable info.

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