Non compete agreement with Employer Employer sue for quitting him and join client and demanding $30,000

I was working for a Desi consultancy(owner is Gujarati) in California and after lot of harassment, Threatens and unwanted pay deduction, no single leave through out 4 years.not providing H1/Lca copy.

i decide to move on and join client.
now he sues me and demand for 30,000 in California for breach of contract

Can anyone please advise me ,as I am completely stressed out and unsure of what to do in these circumstances?

I hired a lawyer but don’t know how long it will take to get out of it.
California is “at will” how can employer take this kind of action after working for him 4years without complain and no pay increase without any benefit

Your question is incomplete.

What kind of contract did you signed that he has sued you?

What has he sued you for? What is his demand?

What has your lawyer suggested?

signed non-compete agreement and demand $30,000 for damages.

lawyer is also expensive in this situation. he suggest to reply them and let see what happens

If you did sign a contract in the US, then it is legally valid.

You can negotiate with them to settle for lower amount.