NOIR - Unintended check error on approved PP H1-B extension

I had a H1-B extension filed via premium processing through my employer which got approved. After 15 days of approval, I received a NOIR recently due to an issue with the PP payment. Unfortunately it was due to an unintended check error on my side which mapped to an account that was auto closed a while ago without my knowledge.

The notice my attorney received states that USCIS requires proof that the payment was valid, but provided no further instructions for repayment of the PP amount. My attorney is trying to contact USCIS to find a cure, and to start off with asked me to get a letter from my bank stating it was an unintended check error.

  1. Has anyone encountered this issue and how it can be resolved ?
  2. Before I received the NOIR, my wife and I travelled to Mexico to get our I-94s updated (for H4EAD renewal + auto extension purposes). Will these become invalid if the H1-B petition gets revoked ?

Tagging the expert here who I have seen answer similar questions earlier : @Anil_Gupta
Appreciate your suggestions and help everyone. Thank you