NOIR leading to 221g white slip during VISA Interview

Employer can withdraw H1B petition anytime.

ok , But what will be the consequence of me reattending the interview with a new petition filed by my employer with updated client details ?my company is thinkin to refile h1b with updated client details

I cannot guess how and what will visa officer decide in your interview.

You can attend the interview with an approved i797 and not a pending one. So, you need to get approval first anyway as per my information.

Yeah i meant to reappear with approved petition

Hi @dsukrish

Have you received any decision on your NOIR yet? What happened to your visa interview result?

Can you share? or Can we help in some way?

Hi Anil

Thanks for remembering my post . My employer said he cannot do anything till USCIS takes some decision and hence amendment was not filed and my position with my current client got over . It has been 90+ days that we reponded to NOIR but still USCIS has taken no decision . I am not sure what to do

Also , what I learnt in my case is , Amendement was not required if I was in US , but since I stepped out of US , Amendment was required for stamping . Not sure how correct is this though

Hi @dsukrish

I have not heard of any such case before where an amendment is mandated due to leaving US.
Is an attorney advised you of this?

What is the rationale behind this?

H1B amendment is required for visa stamping even if the client is within same MSA , since the VO can ask for it . It’s just about being safe . The attorneys from Reddy & Nueman confirmed it and even my company’s attorney

Ok… got you. So, its basically playing safe as the client has changed.

Thanks for sharing.


Could you please tell me how much time USCIS take to send the NOIR to your employer?

Thank you.

it could take any time from 5-12 months

Any Update/reply from USCIS in your case?

Thank you.

Hi Anil,

I got a noir on my last employer ( which was not my first employer on h1b). I changed to new employer and my old employer replied to noir. Mean while my new petition got approved. But today i was checking my old petition from previous employer online and it says that revocation notice is sent. This petition already expired in mar 2019. I wanted to understand the implication of this on my current employmeny

Hi @Abhishek_Chauhan

I suggest to read this:

I saw that but it only tells about first job h1b. This was my 4th employer

Hi @dsukrish
Did you get response for your noir? Can you ease update as I uave also received a noir and want to know what waa done.
If you share your number or email, it would be great