NOID on H1b extension

Hi Anil,
Received NOID for H1b extension on experience.
Please suggest the documents to be shared for NOID on experience.
If extension denied, share the options I have.
Please see the below timelines.
H1 b visa expiry: 31 Dec 2019
I-94 expiry - January 10, 2020
Rfe received date : April 15, 2020
RFR reason : experience letter
Rfe responded date: June 24, 2020
Noid received date: July 27, 2020
Noid responded date: yet to submit
240 days after H1b visa expiry : August 27, 2020.
Education : BE mechanical
Experience: 11 years of IT experience (US 4)
First RFE response: degree docs, experience letter.
NOID : Requested experience letter again… NOID : Right now , we shared resume and experience letter.

What’s wrong with your experience letter?