NOC code for express entry

Hello all!!

I have just completed my WES evaluation and IELTS examination. I watched a video about creating an express entry profile and it looks like I will have to enter the NOC code of my current job and that the letter of experience that I will have to include after receiving the Invitation To Apply (ITA) should have responsibilities listed that align with the NOC code I entered.

I am not sure which NOC code aligns with my responsibilities and was hoping to get some assistance on identifying the current NOC code. My responsibilities are as follows

To perform Quality Assurance on escalated clinical data to ensure we have the most accurate clinical Information.
Coordinate with the company’s vendors to facilitate the communication of vital information as well as to resolve any and all issues that could potentially hinder the smooth flow of operations.
Create and manipulate SQL queries to derive insights from medical data.
Knowledge and utilization of AWS S3 and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to facilitate the export of medical data to derive insights.
Cross functional collaboration with the Product and Technology teams to brainstorm ideas to resolve any issues with current vendor applications.
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of vendor applications to guarantee the streamlined flow of data operations.

I would appreciate any assistance from you all in identifying my NOC code. Thank you!