New Zealand work visa while working on H1B in US, get citizenship, re-apply for US Green Card


(jay) #1

is it easy to get new zealand work visa while working on h1b , get a NZ citizen ship and reapply for USA GC?

If yes what will be the process?


(Anil Gupta) #2
  1. New Zealand has merit based work permit system and they do give out permanent residency (like US green card) and then the NZ citizenship.
    The process is listed on their official website here:
    About this visa : Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa | Immigration New Zealand

  2. The US green card process is entirely based on the ‘COUNTRY OF BIRTH’, at this time.
    So, even if you get NZ citizenship and their passport, you will still be COUNTED against the INDIAN Green card queue always!
    Unless, the US congress change the law to support merits than country based legal immigration (which they are trying to using HR 4760), there is no respite available for Indians.

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