New h4 extension got approved till 2024

Hi Need help as my case is confusing.

H4 i94 expired on march 2019 filled the extension before expiry and got denied in December 2019 due to employee employer and was in emergency at time so cannot travel applied for change of status to b2 in 2020.Meanwhile my husband got H1 b approved in India and cannot travel bcoz of Covid and my b2 was pending.he came back in oct 2020 after stamping so as per lawyer filed h4 and npt as b2 will be given only for 6 months.after filing these the b2 which was pending got denied.h4 was pending for more than 25 months with Uscis and new extension for h1 and h4 were applied on feb 2023 which got approved where the previous h4 got denied.the new h4 has i94 from march2023 to April 2024 as final action is current.

1)can I travel out of us to get stamped with new i94.
2) will there be any bar bcoz of overstay from 2019 to feb 2023 as applications were pending.
3)will new i94 which I got approved from Uscis override overstay.