New H4-EAD with spouse previous employers I-140


Can I apply a New H4-EAD, When my spouse have approved I-140 from Employer-A but moved to Employer-B recently. He has approved I-797 with valid status and I-140 Process by Employer-B is yet to start. We have completed 6 -years now and have approval - till 2025 from Employer -B.
Also I have valid H4 status.

  1. Can we apply New H4-EAD with current situation as Spouse I-140 approved with Employer-A and I-797 approved with Employer-B.

Please let us know if we can apply for a new H4-EAD or not ? or what are the options to get a H4-EAD.


As far as your spouse has approved I-140, you cam apply for H4 EAD, doesn’t matter if your spouse is with the I-140 sponsoring employer or new employer.